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My Notes On GitLab Postgres Schema Design tl;dr: "My motivation to understand the schema of a big project like Gitlab was to compare it against schemas I am designing and learn some best practices from their schema definition. I can surely say I learnt a lot."

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Why Naming Stuff Is Hard? tl;dr: Shekar provides 3 reasons: (1) Developers don’t re-read their code often enough. (2) Lack of business domain understanding. (3) Undervalue good naming. Also, helpful questions to ask: "which business concept is this functionality related to? How can I map business terms to code? What can I learn from API contracts and / or documentation of competitors?"

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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Programming Language tl;dr: Shekhar outlines an approach using a decision making matrix and prompting key variables of what's valuable for the organization, such as productivity, suitability for architecture and efficiency.

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