Better JSON In Postgres With PostgreSQL 14

- Craig Kerstiens tl;dr: "Postgres 14 makes JSON even more user friendly than before. While I wouldn't recommend simply using the subscript format everywhere in your application due to it not always leveraging indexes, for casual querying it proves to be a big win."

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PostgreSQL 13 Released!

tl;dr: "Includes significant improvements to its indexing and lookup system that benefit large databases, including space savings and performance gains for indexes, faster response times for queries that use aggregates or partitions, better query planning when using enhanced statistics, and more."

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Building A Recommendation Engine Inside Postgres With Python And Pandas

- Craig Kerstiens tl;dr: Craig guides us through his experimental recommendation engine - with "SciPy, NumPy and Pandas there is a lot of interesting potential here."

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How To Implement Search By Color When All You Have Is A Good Coffee

- Mike Alche tl;dr: How search was implemented on a Next.JS app using PostgreSQL and third party library called "color thief."

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10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL

- Rick Branson tl;dr: A dive into PostgreSQL’s imperfections (1) Disastrous XID wraparound (2) Failover will probably lose data (3) Inefficient replication that spreads corruption. 

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Simplify: Move Code Into Database Functions

- Derek Sivers tl;dr: "If you are a web or API developer, programming code that uses an SQL database, this is for you. I’ve found a very different and useful way to structure code."

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tl;dr: "Eliminate database-related roadblocks on the way of developers, DBAs and QA engineers"

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Thinking Psycopg3

- Daniele Varrazzo tl;dr: Daniele, a maintainer of Pscyopg2, is planning for the next version. 

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Advanced Scheduling For PostgreSQL

- Pavlo Golub tl;dr: "pg_timetable is an advanced job scheduler for PostgreSQL, offering many advantages over traditional schedulers such as cron and others. It is completely database driven and provides a couple of advanced concepts."

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PostgreSQL At Low Level: Stay Curious!

- Dimitry Dolgov tl;dr: Deep dive into the inner workings of a Postgres DB. Dimitry uses a few examples of situations he finds interesting or useful, where outside tools help illustrate what's going on under the hood. 

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