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Weak And Strong Team Concepts tl;dr: A strong team concept is where "ownership, work, and accountability are generally assigned to teams." In a weak team, work is assigned to individuals and is driven through "interpersonal connections rather than process." Will reflects on both, and how our environment is geared towards strong teams.

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Managing Staff-plus Engineers tl;dr: Will's tips on managing staff-plus engineers include: (1) sponsor and support more than direct.(2) Help redefine what success. A staff engineer’s "flywheel of feedback" is less immediate and that should be managed accordingly. (3) Give frequent feedback and explain why.

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Does The Title Even Matter? tl;dr: Title gives a sense of seniority amongst peers, a seat at the table of higher engineering discussions, a bump in compensation at larger companies and potential access to interesting work. Pursuing title alone can be counter-productive, and "focusing on developing your approach and skills will be far more impactful."

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Managing Technical Quality In A Codebase tl;dr: Will runs us through his "toolkit" to maintain technical quality, including prioritizing leverage points, establishing a technical quality team, and more. Underlying any approach is the philosophy to "start with something small, and iterate on it until it works."

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Being Visible tl;dr: "One of the most effective ways to get luckier is to be more visible within your organization." Will outlines ways to create internal and external visibility for yourself.

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The Saint-Exupéry Of Metrics tl;dr: At Calm's monthly all-hands, Will was motivated to "boil each project down to a single well-formed metric that told the story: a target, a baseline, a trend and a timeframe."

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Stuff I've Learned About Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Over The Past Few Years tl;dr: Current best practices around D&I aren't necessarily impactful. Will believes the following result in genuine progress (1) Don’t tokenize others (2) Don’t center yourself (3) Don’t be comfortable, and focus on what actually works.

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Trapped in a Values Oasis tl;dr: A Value Oasis is when a team's values misalign with the org's. This can be "messy," especially when the team's leader - who created the Oasis - is no longer present. An effective leader can use the "model, document and share” method to effect wider change within the organization.

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Your First 90 Days As CTO Or VP Engineering tl;dr: Covers the following areas - priorities and goals, making the right system changes, tasks for the first 90 days, learning and building trust, building a support system, organizational health and process, hiring, execution & technology. 

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How Stripe Invests In Technical Infrastructure (Video) tl;dr: Prioritization is especially challenging for infrastructure engineers. Will presents his approach as Stripe scaled, discussing when to firefight, work on new features and more.

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