I Tracked Every Minute Of My Time For The Last 4 Months. Here Are 7 Totally Unexpected Results

- Bilaniuc Dragos tl;dr: Bilaniuc meticulously tracked his time on a calendar which: (1) Drastically improved his focus and productivity. (2) Saved a lot of time from unexpected places. (3) Enabled him to form habits & routines more easily, and more.

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How To Work Hard

- Paul Graham tl;dr: "Working hard is a complicated, dynamic system that has to be tuned just right at each point. You have to understand the shape of real work, see clearly what kind you're best suited for, aim as close to the true core of it as you can, accurately judge at each moment both what you're capable of and how you're doing, and put in as many hours each day as you can without harming the quality of the result."

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83% of Developers Suffer From Burnout, Haystack Analytics Study Finds

tl;dr: (1) Study finds 83% of software developers feel burnout from work. (2) 81% of software developers reported an increase in burnout as a result of the pandemic, with increased workload cited as the main reason. (3) 83% of developers are concerned about software reliability at their workplace.

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5 Ways to Prioritize Your Engineers’ Time

tl;dr: Muts Inayama, VP of Product & Eng at Imgur, provides 5 top tips "to ensure engineers stay on track, understand their priorities, and remain motivated to create the best product possible." Promoted by Stream

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A More Human Approach To Productivity (Video)

- Chris Bailey tl;dr: (1) Plan 3 tasks to finish each day. (2) Do one thing at a time to work deliberately on one thing. (3) Get the most out of your energy - eating well, exercise, sleep. (4) Stay offline to avoid procrastination. (5) Daydream: let the mind wander to connect the dots in your mind.

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The Perfect Number Of Hours To Work Every Day? Five

- Margaret Taylor tl;dr: Research indicates that five hours is about the maximum that most of us can concentrate hard on something. Instead of reducing the number of days per week worked to four, it's better for productivity to reduce the number of hours per day and give employees the option of working longer if needed.

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Fast/Slow In 3X: Explore/Expand/Extract

- Kent Beck tl;dr: As an idea, product or company grows, "value-maximizing behavior" changes dramatically and comes in three phases: (1) Explore - where companies try small experiments. (2) Expand, as an experiments takes off, bottlenecks are identified and tackled. (3) Extract, these projects can increase revenue or decrease costs.

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Forget Multi-Tasking. It's Context-Switching That Matters

- Saverio Morpurgo tl;dr: How do you juggle multiple projects simultaneously and (almost) never miss something? Usually that’s defined as multitasking, but it’s actually context-switching that’s the key. And they’re very different things.

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“Asynchronous” Working In 2021

- James Beshara tl;dr: Asynch working allows you to prioritize work more easily and comes with less costs, especially to those making vs managing. James cites the use of Loom videos here to communicate with others.

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Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

- Tim Cochran tl;dr: The primary reason for low effectiveness is working environment. "There are too many new processes, too many new tools and new technologies" increasing complexity and friction. Tim contrasts a day in the life of both a high and low effective environment, and recommends optimizing key feedback loops.

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