Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

- Tim Cochran tl;dr: The primary reason for low effectiveness is working environment. "There are too many new processes, too many new tools and new technologies" increasing complexity and friction. Tim contrasts a day in the life of both a high and low effective environment, and recommends optimizing key feedback loops.

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Attention Is My Most Valuable Asset for Productivity as a Software Developer

- Zachary Wade Betz tl;dr: Zachary counteracts distractions by (1) building physical strength, (2) creating a "boring" and "tidy" workspace, (3) making his smart phone "dumb," (4) being an "OS minimalist," (5) organizing browser bookmarks (6) minimize meetings, (7) use the The Eisenhower Method to categorize tasks.

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Time Is Not A Measure Of Productivity

- Anne-Laure Le Cunff tl;dr: 5 strategies to stop conflating time spent with productivity: (1) Avoid unnecessary meetings. (2) Define productive goals. (3) Reduce repetitive tasks. (4) 80% of your work will come from 20% of your efforts. Focus on the 20%. (5) Protect your time.

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A Framework For Focusing Your Learning Goals

- Sally Lait tl;dr: With overwhelming amounts of languages, frameworks and tools to learn, decisions about where to invest your time to learn can be challenging. Sally has outlined key questions and a framework to help guide this decision.

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Motivation And Why Finishing A Personal Project Is Hard

tl;dr: There are several reasons this could be true but, to finish a project, you need to be a "mad hatter." You need a broad skillset i.e. systems architect, db admin, backend developer, essentially all the roles in a team.

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Get In The Zone Faster

tl;dr: "Music Time for Spotify is a code editor plugin that discovers your most productive music to listen to while you code."

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Learning To Love Meta Productivity

- Nickolas Means tl;dr: "Before you transitioned to management," productivity is valued by code written, PRs reviewed, features released." When you manage, your "primary output is work done by other people." Nickolas outlines how you value productivity as a manager.

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Hard To Discover Tips And Apps For Making MacOS Pleasant

- Tristan Hume tl;dr: "Inspired by a few different conversations with friends who’ve switched to macOS where I give them a whole bunch of tips and recommendations..." Tristan also provides suggestions for iOS and productivity apps.

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My Org Mode Flow

- Christine Dodrill tl;dr: "Emacs has a package that helps me organize my workflow, focus my note-taking and even keep a timeclock for how long I spend working on tasks. This package is called Org mode, and this is my flow for using it."

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Debugging Engineering Velocity And Leading High-performing Teams

- Smruti Patel tl;dr: At the planning stage, "drive precision through early organizational alignment, and prioritization of user cohorts." During execution "dive speed through focus, iteration, unblocking and de-risking your projects" and "quality through early and rigorous testing."

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