Goodbye, Google Analytics - Why and How You Should Leave The Platform

- Martin Heinz tl;dr: 2 main reasons why: (1) Court rulings in multiple EU countries stating that it's illegal to use GA, as the data of EU citizens is being transferred to US violates GDPR. (2) Google is deprecating Universal Analytics in 2023, resulting in the loss of access of data. 

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Building Analytics (And An Analytics Team) At Mux

- James Isbell tl;dr: Mux is building more than just better video; we’re building the teams, systems, and culture to power online video for developers everywhere. We’re excited to share how we built out an Analytics function at Mux, and what we’ve learned along the way.

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Tracing At Slack: Thinking In Causal Graphs

- Suman Karumuri tl;dr: Suman describes the architecture of Slack's tracing system, which produces ~330M traces and ~8.5B spans per day.

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Privacy Focused Analytics From Scratch

- Andrew Healey tl;dr: "The goal was to collect information about page views in a privacy focused manner so that no GDPR notice is required."

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