How To Build An Evil Compiler

- Akila Welihinda tl;dr: "Did you know there is a type of compiler backdoor attack that is impossible to defend against? In this post I’ll show you how to implement such an attack in less than 100 lines of code."

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The Weirdest Compiler Bug

- Scott Rasmussen tl;dr: "There are approximately 7.5x10^18 grains of sand on Earth. This story is about finding changes in an equation that has a difference of approximately 1e-18 out of hundreds of billions of calculations."

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Let The Compiler Do The Work

- Fortuna Eruditis Favet tl;dr: In Part of 6 of this Rust tutorial, Fortuna walks through how we'd rewrite a program from scratch in Rust, relying on compiler auto-vectorization.

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