Announcing The Keyword Generics Initiative

- Yoshua Wuyts tl;dr: "We are excited to announce the start of the Keyword Generics Initiative, a new initiative under the purview of the language team. We're officially just a few weeks old now, and in this post we want to briefly share why we've started this initiative, and share some insight on what we're about."

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Almost Rules

- Aleksey Kladov tl;dr: "In this post, I’d want to catalog some of the cases I’ve seen in the Rust programming language where I think an internal boundaries were eroded with time."

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Rust's Unsafe Pointer Types Need An Overhaul

- Aria Beingessner tl;dr: "When I was working on this stuff we had too naive of an understanding of how pointers should work. Others have done a lot of great work to expand this understanding, and now the flaws are all the more glaring." This article is broken up into 3 parts: conceptual background, problems with the current design, and proposed solutions.

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Rust Compiler Ambitions For 2022

- Felix Klock Wesley Wiser tl;dr: "This document is structured into three parts: our Overall Themes for this year, the Concrete Initiatives we have resources to drive, and Aspirations for what we could do if given more help."

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A Rust Match Made In Hell

tl;dr: "Let's take a look at a footgun that cost me, infamous Rust advocate, suspected paid shill about a week." The author describers how the match expression caused surprising behavior in his code, causing it to deadlock, and how the Rust community are providing recourse. 

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Rust Takes A Major Step Forward As Linux's Second Official Language

- Steven Vaughan-Nichols tl;dr: "Today, not only is Rust, the high-level system language moving closer to Linux, it's closer than ever with the next "patch series to add support for Rust as a second language to the Linux kernel."

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Announcing Rust 1.56.0 And Rust 2021

tl;dr: This version of Rust stabilizes the 2021 edition, with (1) Disjoint capture, (2) IntoIterator for arrays, and more.

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Rocket: A Web Framework For Rust

- Mark Litwintschik tl;dr: "Web framework written in Rust. It provides a concise API and is opinionated and feature-rich beyond what you would typically find in a micro-framework."

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How To Write Fast Rust Code

- Renato Athaydes tl;dr: "Rust allows you to make your code just about as fast, if not faster, than pretty much any other language as long as you put in the time to learn it properly and pay some attention to your application algorithms." Renato shows us how.

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Announcing Rust 1.54.0

tl;dr: (1) Attributes can invoke function-like macros. (2) Wasm32 intrinsics stabilized. (3) Incremental compilation is re-enabled by default, and more.

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