Speed Of Rust Vs C

- Kornel Lesiński tl;dr: "Rust programs also optimize quite well, sometimes better than C. While C is good for writing minimal code on byte-by-byte pointer-by-pointer level, Rust has powerful features for efficiently combining multiple functions or even whole libraries together."

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Planning The Rust 2021 Edition

- Ryan Levick tl;dr: "The Rust 2021 Edition working group is happy to announce that the next edition of Rust, Rust 2021, is scheduled for release later this year. "

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Hello World!

- Ashley Williams tl;dr: "I’m excited to announce the Rust Foundation, a new independent non-profit organization to steward the Rust programming language and ecosystem, with a unique focus on supporting the set of maintainers that govern and develop the project."

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Why AWS Loves Rust, And How We’d Like To Help

- Matt Asay tl;dr: "We’re committing to further strengthen a community that has greatly benefited us and our customers." As well as the community, AWS investments include "developer tools, infrastructure components, interoperability, and verification.”

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The Rust Performance Book

- Nicholas Nethercote tl;dr: "This book contains many techniques that can improve the performance - speed and memory usage - of Rust programs."

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Rust After The Honeymoon

- Bryan Cantrill tl;dr: Bryan outlines personal reasons he's enjoying Rust. "Some are tiny but beautiful details that allow me to indulge in the pleasure of the craft; some are much more profound features that represent important advances in the state of the art."

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Why Not Rust?

- Aleksey Kladov tl;dr: Although a Rust advocate, Aleksey argues the reasons not to use the language - you don't "ultimate performance" or control over hardware resources, it's complex, has a slow compile time, and more.

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Planning The 2021 Roadmap

tl;dr: "We want to hear from the community. We’re going to be running two parallel efforts over the next several weeks: the 2020 Rust Survey, to be announced next week, and a call for blog posts."

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RustConf 2020 Summary

tl;dr: "An aggregation of links that summarize RustConf 2020. Pull requests welcome!"

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Laying The Foundation For Rust's Future

tl;dr: As a result of the re-org and layoffs at Mozilla "the Rust Core Team and Mozilla are happy to announce plans to create a Rust foundation," planned to be up and running by the end of the year."

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