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The Unknown Features of Python’s Operator Module

- Martin Heinz tl;dr: Python's Operator module "might not seem so useful, but with help of just a few of these functions you can make your code faster, more concise, more readable and more functional."

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How I Beat the Berlin Rental Market With A Python Script

- Gian Segato tl;dr: Gian runs us though an analytics tool that evaluates units in the Berlin rental market. The output analyzes each unit compared in price to its neighbor, the likeliness of a price increase for that unit, and the unit selling out within 6 hours.

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Space Science with Python - A Data Science Tutorial Series

- Thomas Albin tl;dr: "A tutorial series that links Space Science with Python."

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Code As Craft: Understand The Role Of Style In E-commerce Shopping

- Aakash Sabharwal Jingyuan Zhou tl;dr: Overview of how Etsy built a ML tool that analyzes a user's taste and subsequently generates personalized recommendations.

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The Origin Story Of Data Science

- Pierre Mary tl;dr: How Data Science grew as a discipline, along with the contributions of 4 individuals who helped create and shape it.

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How To Balance The Tension Between Data Science And Agile

- Anat Rapoport tl;dr: Although specific deadlines are not alway possible with Data Scientists, flexible timelines & goal setting are. Trust & communication are key. Work in short cycle so DS aren't siloed for long.

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