What is an A/B Test?

tl;dr: How A/B test are run at Netlfix: the importance is on "building intuition." The posts covers the basics of an A/B test, "why it’s important to run an A/B test versus rolling out a feature and looking at metrics pre- and post- making a change, and how we turn an idea into a testable hypothesis."

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Edgar: Solving Mysteries Faster With Observability

- Elizabeth Carretto tl;dr: "Edgar helps Netflix teams troubleshoot distributed systems efficiently with the help of a summarized presentation of request tracing, logs, analysis, and metadata." A run through of how it works.

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Growth Engineering at Netflix - Accelerating Innovation

tl;dr: Insight into the signup architecture at Netflix. An overview of the UX on mobile / TV and how the stack is configured to support this flow. If you're paywalled, click the link in this tweet.

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