Slashing Data Transfer Costs In AWS By 99%

- Daniel Kleinstein tl;dr: “AWS replicates S3 data between availability zones for you - whatever this might cost AWS is hidden away in the storage costs you pay for your data. So at its most fundamental level, this method is unlocking free cross-AZ costs - because you’ve effectively already paid for the cross-AZ cost when you uploaded your data to S3! Indeed, if you were to leave your data stored in S3, you’d end up paying significantly more than the cross-AZ cost - but by deleting it immediately after transferring it, you unlock the 99% savings we were going for.”

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Counterintuitive Lessons Learned About Devtool Pricing

- James Hawkins tl;dr: Changing your pricing has a real chance to grow twice as fast with just a few hours of work. "Here is a breakdown of the counterintuitive lesson I've learned as a cofounder." 

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