Why Software Remains Insecure

- Daniel Miesller tl;dr: Basically, software remains vulnerable because the benefits created by insecure products far outweigh the downsides. Once that changes, software security will improve — but not a moment before.

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The Technical Side of the Capital One AWS Security Breach

- J Cole Morrison tl;dr: Company was hacked though a "misconfigured firewall" allowing the hacker to use the EC2 IAM roles and act as the server, giving them access to all the S3 Buckets where the hacked info was stored.

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Proving Security At Scale With Automated Reasoning

- Werner Vogels tl;dr: Fascinating run-through of how AWS thinks about security at scale, starting with the Shared Responsibility Model where AWS is responsible for security of the cloud and customers are responsible for security in the cloud.

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New Research: How Effective Is Basic Account Hygiene At Preventing Hijacking

- Kurt Thomas Angelika Moscicki tl;dr: Adding a recovery phone number can block up to 100% of automated bots, 99% of bulk phishing attacks, and 66% of targeted attacks.

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The Inception Bar: A New Phishing Method

- James Fisher tl;dr: Security flaw in Chrome mobile where the URL shown is incorrect once scrolling starts. The author demonstrates this behavior in the article.

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Chaos Engineering Traps

- Nora Jones tl;dr: A guide on how to approach Chaos Engineering - the increasingly common practice of simulating unexpected real world conditions on distributed systems to test for vulnerabilities - along with the common traps. Click this tweet if paywalled.

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