7 Useful HTML Attributes You May Not Know

tl;dr: (1) Multiple allows the user to enter multiple values on an <input>. (2) Accept allows you to specify the types of files the user can upload. (3) Contenteditable, a global attribute (common to all HTML elements) that makes the HTML content editable by the user or not. And more.

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Writing Great Alt Text: Emotion Matters

- Jake Archibald tl;dr: "Good alt text means that screen reader users get the same 'meaning' from the page as a fully sighted user." Context and emotions matter. "Images can make you feel a particular way, and that's something that should be made available to a screen reader user."

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Hacking QR Code Design

- Marien Raat tl;dr: "Let's see how we can create QR codes that look however we want, while preserving links. We'll also show the world's first working QR gif created with this technique."

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Improving Responsiveness In Text Inputs

- Nolan Lawson tl;dr: Nolan's preferred solution is "to use requestIdleCallback to wait for the UI thread to be idle before running the blocking code." He discusses the benefits here.

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Front-end JavaScript Performance

- Marc Radziwill tl;dr: In this post, Marc discusses the different types of JS performance issues, how to debug them, how to write fast front-end code and optimizing JavaScript code architecture.

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What's New In DevTools (Chrome 92)

- Jecelyn Yeen tl;dr: You can now preview and author CSS Grid with the new CSS Grid editor, and more.

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Making GitHub’s New Homepage Fast And Performant

- Tobias Ahlin tl;dr: Tobias runs through the code that makes the page performant, how illustrators work with designers and engineers, the way in which the page was designed, and more.

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State Of Frontend 2020

tl;dr: Over 4500 developers surveyed, this report is divided into web development trends, frameworks and tools on the rise and decline, favorite tools, and more.

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Front-end Interview Handbook

- Yangshun Tay tl;dr: "Almost complete answers to "Front-end Job Interview Questions" which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore."

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What To Consider When Visualizing Data For Colorblind Readers

- Lisa Charlotte Rost tl;dr: "Most of the advice here will make your charts easier to read. Not just for people with a color vision deficiency, or the older ones, or the ones that read your chart in low light – for everyone."

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