My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

- Josh W Comeau tl;dr: Building an HTML email from scratch is a "gnarly adventure." Email clients don't support modern luxuries like CSS Grid, or Flexbox. Instead, "we need to resort to using HTML <table> tags. Plus, there are dozens of email clients, each with their own quirks and idiosyncracies." Josh discusses the adventure here.

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The Front-End Developer's Guide To The Terminal

- Josh W Comeau tl;dr: "It's the missing manual of terminal fundamentals needed to work with modern JS frameworks like React, so you can move onto the fun stuff: building user interfaces! Josh also shares "favourite tips and tricks for getting the most out of the terminal" - "the stuff I wish someone had shown me when I was first getting started."

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Understanding Layout Algorithms

- Josh W Comeau tl;dr: "The key realization I had is that CSS is so much more than a collection of properties. It's a constellation of inter-connected layout algorithms. Each algorithm is a complex system with its own rules and secret mechanisms." Josh looks at how this new lens can help make sense of what's happening in CSS. And use that lens to "solve a surprisingly-common mystery."

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Emoji Under The Hood

- Nikita Prokopov tl;dr: "I thought it might be fun sharing a few nitty-gritty details of how this “biggest innovation in human communication since the invention of the letter” works under the hood." Nikita shows us the various ways in which emojis can be encoded. 

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Practical Frontend Philosophy

- Jared Gorski tl;dr: This is a rather general post, written for people curious about how to think about "the frontend". However, I think it's relevant to interested humans of all knowledge and skill levels."

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7 Useful HTML Attributes You May Not Know

tl;dr: (1) Multiple allows the user to enter multiple values on an <input>. (2) Accept allows you to specify the types of files the user can upload. (3) Contenteditable, a global attribute (common to all HTML elements) that makes the HTML content editable by the user or not. And more.

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Writing Great Alt Text: Emotion Matters

- Jake Archibald tl;dr: "Good alt text means that screen reader users get the same 'meaning' from the page as a fully sighted user." Context and emotions matter. "Images can make you feel a particular way, and that's something that should be made available to a screen reader user."

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Hacking QR Code Design

- Marien Raat tl;dr: "Let's see how we can create QR codes that look however we want, while preserving links. We'll also show the world's first working QR gif created with this technique."

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Improving Responsiveness In Text Inputs

- Nolan Lawson tl;dr: Nolan's preferred solution is "to use requestIdleCallback to wait for the UI thread to be idle before running the blocking code." He discusses the benefits here.

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Front-end JavaScript Performance

- Marc Radziwill tl;dr: In this post, Marc discusses the different types of JS performance issues, how to debug them, how to write fast front-end code and optimizing JavaScript code architecture.

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