Strategies And Tools For Performing Migrations On Platform

- Mariana Ardoino Raul Herbster tl;dr: The authors present the following challenges - or scenarios - faced during the project: (1) Defining the scope of the project. (2) Scaling up. (3) Competing priorities. Each scenarios comes with symptoms (“when”), what you should avoid when facing the situation (“Don’t”), and what we suggest that you do (“Do”)."

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What It Took To Scale Spotify’s Marketing Efforts

- James La Broy tl;dr: "More recently, we wanted to run more campaigns throughout the year, perhaps during different holidays like Halloween or Easter. Rather than having one centralised team configuring campaigns across multiple markets, we wanted to create distributed teams local to each individual market responsible for tailoring campaigns to their respective audiences." James discusses the changes that enabled this to happen. 

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Introducing Natural Language Search For Podcast Episodes

- Alexandre Tamborrino tl;dr: "To enable users to find more relevant content with less effort, we started investigating a technique called Natural Language Search, also known as Semantic Search. In a nutshell, Natural Language Search matches a query and a textual document that are semantically correlated instead of needing exact word matches. It matches synonyms, paraphrases, etc., and any variation of natural language that express the same meaning."  

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How We Built Infrastructure to Run User Forecasts At Spotify

- Molly Zhu tl;dr: "To enable fast iterations and facilitate model training, we built a system that allows user forecasts to run both on demand and automatically every week, with the heavy hyperparameter tuning part running on the weekend. The system creates visualizations and automated insights to surface information, and provides easy-to-use tools for manual interventions for both data scientists and business stakeholders."

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