When Zig Outshines Rust - Memory Efficient Enum Arrays

- Adrian Alic tl;dr: Adrian discusses the issue of memory fragmentation in Rust, particularly when using Enums with different-sized variants explaining that one of the biggest motivators for efficient Enum arrays has been compilers, as "Big ASTs can incur a hefty performance penalty during compilation." The article suggests using a "struct-of-arrays" (SoA) approach or creating one vector per variant, termed as "array of variant arrays" (AoVA), to mitigate fragmentation.

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Zig And Rust

- Alex Kladov tl;dr: I now find myself writing Zig full-time, after more than seven years of Rust. This post is a hand-wavy answer to the “why?” question. It is emphatically not a balanced and thorough comparison of the two languages.

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The Curious Case Of A Memory Leak In A Zig Program

- Krut Patel tl;dr: “This is a small exposition on an unexpected "memory leak" I encountered when writing a Zig program. We will mainly focus on a very simple allocation pattern and see how it causes a "leak" when using a particular allocator from Zig's stdlib.”

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Maintain it With Zig

- Loris Cro tl;dr: "Freeing the art of systems programming from the grips of C/C++ cruft is the only way to push for real change in our industry, but rewriting everything is not the answer. In the Zig project we’re making the C/C++ ecosystem more fun and productive." 

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Zig 0.8.0 Release Notes

tl;dr: "Zig is a general-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software."

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