A Framework For Making Smarter Decisions And Fewer Errors

tl;dr: A guide on decision making. The key is not to fall into old habits & having an inter-disciplinary perspective. There are several concepts we can leverage - inversion, second order thinking and the map is not the territory.

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High Output Management For (Non-Managing) Tech Leads

- Andrew Hao tl;dr: Andrew applies concept from Andy Grove's management textbook to tech leads covering various topics such as output observability, different types of leverage and meetings, and making decisions. 

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Your First 90 Days As CTO Or VP Engineering

- Will Larson tl;dr: Covers the following areas - priorities and goals, making the right system changes, tasks for the first 90 days, learning and building trust, building a support system, organizational health and process, hiring, execution & technology. 

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The Crucible Of Leadership

- Jerry Colonna tl;dr: Leaders are often created through a "rite of passage," a moment coined the crucible. "The magic, the alchemy, occurs when what we do mixes with who we are and is cooked by the heat of what we believe." Unpacking that, knowing who you are is critical to leadership.

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The Style Of A Leader

- Alex MacCaw tl;dr: The importance of showing vulnerability to your team and not ruling through authoritarianism. Most importantly, sharing fears and concerns creates a genuine sense of trust.

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Conscious Leadership

- Alex MacCaw tl;dr: This article covers a set of values that management at Clearbit look for in employees, starting with the principle of "learning above the line" where employees are intellectually curious, not stubborn about being right.

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Engineering Management For Early Stage Startups (2018)

- Andreas Klinger tl;dr: Former CTO at Product Hunt discussed what he learnt from 4 years as a manager at the company - (1) Treat your org like software (2) Treat people like capable adults (3) Every problem is ultimately your fault.

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What Do You Think?

- Andy Weissman tl;dr: The most effective way to make your employees more valuable is to give them agency over their ideas, decisions, and suggestions. Although, this agency comes with with "fear and repercussions"...

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Three Types of Risk: Making Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty

- Adam Nash tl;dr: (1) Fatal risks kill the company (2) Painful risks lose talent (3) Embarrassment risks have no repercussions. The 2nd & 3rd are reversible decisions & leaders should take more of them, communicating to teams what happens if they don't pan out beforehand. The article explains why.

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Working Together When We’re Not Together

- Ruth Reader tl;dr: Distributed teams perform as well as in-person teams. However, there are issues in building connections and syncing schedules. Three recommendations - forge connections, spend time getting to know each other & set scheduling boundaries.

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