Board Diversity

- Fred Wilson tl;dr: Diversity often happens in boards when a company is ready to go public. Fred outlines a plan to tackle that at the early stage of a company.

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Trapped in a Values Oasis

- Will Larson tl;dr: A Value Oasis is when a team's values misalign with the org's. This can be "messy," especially when the team's leader - who created the Oasis - is no longer present. An effective leader can use the "model, document and share” method to effect wider change within the organization.

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The Certainty of Failure

- Marc Gauthier tl;dr: Failures are valuable to teams if looked on the right way. They can allow for "blameless retrospectives, more psychological safety for all and a quicker adoption of best practices through sharing experience."

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Leading Virtually

- Fred Wilson tl;dr: Tips for leading remote teams during stressful times - more frequent short checkins with entire team, skip level 1-1s, leaning on the leadership team, more time off, celebrating more (birthdays, accomplishments), being yourself.

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- Fred Wilson tl;dr: Two common "syndromes" faced by new leaders are “deer in the headlights” and “I’ve got this.” The first requires facing tough challenges. The second requires experiencing and learning from failure. "Leadership requires self awareness, courage, and deep empathy."

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How To Get Your Team To Challenge Your Ideas

- Dave Bailey tl;dr: If you self-identify as assertive, you may not be aware of how others perceive you. Dave outlines 3 questions you can ask to help you find out. If you are overly assertive, it may "cost you the truth."

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A Framework For Making Smarter Decisions And Fewer Errors

tl;dr: A guide on decision making. The key is not to fall into old habits & having an inter-disciplinary perspective. There are several concepts we can leverage - inversion, second order thinking and the map is not the territory.

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High Output Management For (Non-Managing) Tech Leads

- Andrew Hao tl;dr: Andrew applies concept from Andy Grove's management textbook to tech leads covering various topics such as output observability, different types of leverage and meetings, and making decisions. 

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Your First 90 Days As CTO Or VP Engineering

- Will Larson tl;dr: Covers the following areas - priorities and goals, making the right system changes, tasks for the first 90 days, learning and building trust, building a support system, organizational health and process, hiring, execution & technology. 

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The Crucible Of Leadership

- Jerry Colonna tl;dr: Leaders are often created through a "rite of passage," a moment coined the crucible. "The magic, the alchemy, occurs when what we do mixes with who we are and is cooked by the heat of what we believe." Unpacking that, knowing who you are is critical to leadership.

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