Leading Senior Engineers: Lessons Learned

- Adrienne Lowe tl;dr: "This post is for engineering managers who find themselves managing very senior engineers and want direction on how to be more effective."

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Building Great Engineering Teams, with Gergely Orosz

- Paulo André tl;dr: A Q&A with Gergely highlighting his approach and philosophies leading teams at Skype, Skyscanner and, currently, Uber.

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The Official, Authorized List Of Legitimate Reasons For Deciding To Become a Manager

- Charity Majors tl;dr: "People make career moves for a complex mix of altruism and self-interest." Charity outlines main motivations to become managers concluding that management is "a role of service to others not dominance over others; staffed by people who genuinely take joy in that people side of sociotechnical problem solving."

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Emotional Resilience In Leadership Report 2020

- Jan Chipchase Jonny Miller tl;dr: An extensive report on causes of burnout and its implications, this report goes into detailed as strategies for emotional resilience in section 7.

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How To Spot And Magnify The Powers Of Your Engineering Superheroes

tl;dr: Lloyd Tabb, CTO at Looker, categorizes engineers based on superhero personas - Aquaman, The Flash, The Priest and The Spielberg - each are explained in this post.

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Reasons To Step Into A Leadership Role (And The Reasons Not To)

- Pat Kua tl;dr: Pat outlines the reasons to venture into a leadership role. (1) Desire to have more impact. (2) Opportunity to build different skills (3) Interest in watching others grow (4) Desire to improve the environment (5) Act as a Role Model. And the reasons not to.

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Sleep Well, Lead Better

- Christopher Barnes tl;dr: "Sleep-deprived leaders were more impatient, irritable, and antagonistic, which resulted in worse relationships."

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Why is This Idiot Running My Engineering Org?

- Marianne Bellotti tl;dr: Risk tolerance defines leaders. Those with a low tolerance become bureaucrats - glamorous titles, big paychecks, scarred from past experiences. Others "embrace death," seeing it to be their duty to "protect and empower." Click on this link if you're paywalled.

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20 Books That All Leaders Should Read In 2020

- Adam Grant tl;dr: "The major themes: problem-solving, relationships, rhythms of work and life, identity, and happiness."

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Don't Create Chaos

tl;dr: A "litmus test for effective leadership: any room that you enter should have more certainty and a firmer plan by the time that you leave it." A tactical list of how to achieve this - have measurable outcomes, use documents for complex decisions, and more.

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