Leading Senior Engineers: Lessons Learned

- Adrienne Lowe tl;dr: "This post is for engineering managers who find themselves managing very senior engineers and want direction on how to be more effective."

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Building Great Engineering Teams, with Gergely Orosz

- Paulo André tl;dr: A Q&A with Gergely highlighting his approach and philosophies leading teams at Skype, Skyscanner and, currently, Uber.

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If Management Isn't A Promotion, The Engineering Isn't A Demotion

- Charity Majors tl;dr: Although hierarchy is deeply established in our culture, management shouldn't be seen as a promotion - "we should invert the hierarchy and embrace management as a service role, a support position." Charity shares a roadmap to change company culture.

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The Official, Authorized List Of Legitimate Reasons For Deciding To Become a Manager

- Charity Majors tl;dr: "People make career moves for a complex mix of altruism and self-interest." Charity outlines main motivations to become managers concluding that management is "a role of service to others not dominance over others; staffed by people who genuinely take joy in that people side of sociotechnical problem solving."

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What Does Sponsorship Look Like?

- Lara Hogan tl;dr: A 2017 post - "studies have shown that women (and nonbinary folks) are over-mentored, but under-sponsored." Sponsoring is about "fighting to get somebody a promotion, mentioning their name in an appointments meeting, etc..." Lara outlines examples of what sponsorship looks like, in practice.

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Every Team Should Have A Retrospective Practice

- Tim Casasola tl;dr: (1) "Learning as a team builds psychological safety: the feeling of being able to say what you mean without fearing judgment or negative consequences." (2) Retros are low hanging fruit (3) They put teams on the path to continuous improvement. Tim provides resources for facilitating retros.

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How To Spot And Magnify The Powers Of Your Engineering Superheroes

tl;dr: Lloyd Tabb, CTO at Looker, categorizes engineers based on superhero personas - Aquaman, The Flash, The Priest and The Spielberg - each are explained in this post.

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Debugging Engineering Velocity And Leading High-performing Teams

- Smruti Patel tl;dr: At the planning stage, "drive precision through early organizational alignment, and prioritization of user cohorts." During execution "dive speed through focus, iteration, unblocking and de-risking your projects" and "quality through early and rigorous testing."

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Go Slow To Go Fast: Why Process Matters

- Kate Brennan tl;dr: Kate outlines the process "for teams with cross functional dependencies" - the meetings that should be in place, their format, goal, attendees and the content to be covered in each.

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Ask the EM: How Can I Work Better With My Product Manager, As An Engineering Lead?

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: A healthy relationship between engineering and product lead has (1) two people, one voice inside and outside the team. (2) Frequent communication. (3) Empathy towards the other. (4) Clear understanding of where roles start and end. Gergely discusses how to forge such a relationship.

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