On Drafting An Engineering Strategy

- Mathias Meyer tl;dr: Mathias' strategy outlines (1) the engineering team’s mission & how it relates to the business (2) seven objectives that steer larger technical decisions & (3) the process improvements to help the engineering team support the business better.

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The Wall Of Technical Debt

- Mathias Verraes tl;dr: "The Wall of Technical Debt is a surface in your office where you visualize your tech debt on sticky notes. It has a profound impact on how we choose to add, reduce, pay back, or ignore debt."

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High Output Management For (Non-Managing) Tech Leads

- Andrew Hao tl;dr: Andrew applies concept from Andy Grove's management textbook to tech leads covering various topics such as output observability, different types of leverage and meetings, and making decisions. 

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The Importance Of Design Patterns When Leading Large Teams

- Byron Delpinal tl;dr: Guiding multiple teams toward a single goal is difficult. Here’s how software design patterns can encourage open lines of communication, make alignment possible, and help those teams thrive.

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Your First 90 Days As CTO Or VP Engineering

- Will Larson tl;dr: Covers the following areas - priorities and goals, making the right system changes, tasks for the first 90 days, learning and building trust, building a support system, organizational health and process, hiring, execution & technology. 

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The Crucible Of Leadership

- Jerry Colonna tl;dr: Leaders are often created through a "rite of passage," a moment coined the crucible. "The magic, the alchemy, occurs when what we do mixes with who we are and is cooked by the heat of what we believe." Unpacking that, knowing who you are is critical to leadership.

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Radical Candor: Software Edition

- Rina Artstain tl;dr: A management style of communication that's "kind and clear, specific and sincere" is applied to both design and code reviews here. You can bypass the paywall by clicking the link in this tweet.

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The Seven Habits Of One Highly Effective Manager of Managers: Things I Learned from Charity Majors

- Emily Nakashima tl;dr: The importance of over-communicating, standing for something, leveraging people's strengths, spreading positivity, trusting others to handle situations, and much more.

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How GitHub’s CTO Architects Engineering Teams That Scale

- Jason Warner tl;dr: Software distribution is based on a social network, and it works well. It's a system of checks and balances refined over time. As engineers we perceive it to be slow, which is not always the case. There is a stark difference in quality between managed (Linux, Debian) and unmanaged (Chrome Extensions, PyPi) distribution. 

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Code Less, Engineer More

- Liz Fong-Jones tl;dr: Writing less code makes software teams more effective. Custom code should deliver value and impact. Often it doesn't, and we can use ready made components instead. Liz discusses her approach to architecture through this lens.

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