Work in the Time of Corona

- Alice Goldfuss tl;dr: Tips on working from home but also an important reminder that this isn't normal. It's okay to feel unproductive due to stress. Monitor your mental health and be kind to yourself and others. 

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How To Make Yourself Into A Learning Machine

tl;dr: Director of Infrastructure at Shopify, Simon Eskildsen, discusses how he uses flashcards and a custom-built note repository inspired system to retain what he reads. 

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How To Stay Productive When You Are Understaffed

- Valentin Sawadski tl;dr: Broken into 4 steps (1) self-care (2) realistic planning (3) optimize efficiency (4) understanding your "10x" - what can you do to make everything permanently easier. 

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Josh Waitzkin On How to Structure Your Day for Peak Performance (Video)

- Josh Waitzkin tl;dr: (1) structure your day to be pro-active, not reactive, by blocking out thinking time on your calendar (2) end your day asking the most important question and waking up the next day and answering that question first thing.

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Deep Work In The Age Of Distraction

- Christina Marfice tl;dr: Tools and tips for developers to achieve deep work, including ways to incorporate it into your schedule, how to build a routine, time management ⏰ and communication tips.

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Small Wins

- David Hemphill tl;dr: It's obvious to celebrate big wins - promotions, raise, etc... We often forget to celebrate the smaller ones to our own detriment, and not doing this this can stop you from growing.

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How Slack Harms Projects

- Silas Reinagel tl;dr: Opinionated piece that real time messaging creates a poor culture of communication negatively and impacts output and productivity. Outlines on how to remedy this.

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Complete Guide to Deep Work

- Fadeke Adegbuyi tl;dr: Comprehensive guide on deep-work, broken into the following - (1) Learn How to Practice Deep Work (2) Enhance Your Ability to Do Deep Work (3) Eliminate Digital Distractions (4) Purge Shallow Work From Your Life

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Best Productivity Tools For Your Dev Life

- Areknawo tl;dr: Author runs through his favorite to-do lists, chart tools (they use charts as a productivity tool), mind-mapping and Kanban tools.

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More Developers, More Problems

- Christopher Forno tl;dr: Lines of code is not a reliable indicator of bug count. More reliable indicators are number of developers and number of commits. This has implications for development methodologies, such as agile or test-driven that both encourage number of commits. 🛑 🐛

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