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A Conversation With Shreyas Doshi & John Cutler tl;dr: "We cover topics like leadership, becoming a better listener, the role of middle management, career and self identity, stubbornness, calendar theater, and treating your dashboards as products."

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Mandate Levels tl;dr: John came up with nine "levels" of work, "ranging from very specific, to very general." calling them Mandate Levels, "to capture the idea of a sphere of authority and autonomy." He discusses how they operate here.

featured in #236

How Product Managers Lose Trust tl;dr: Trust is essential between team members and is a result of previous decisions made between team members. Second, language used by PMs is essential - John uses various scenarios to illustrate this.

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Creating Flow and Value in Product Development tl;dr: The time developers spend coding in a 40 hour work week is relatively small. Hence, limiting work in progress, the scope of work, and handoffs between teams can increase flow and value in product development. The key is to focus on cadence and flow.

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