Why Johnny Won't Upgrade

- Jacques Mattheij tl;dr: Why are users so reluctant to update software? Jacques believes "software vendors collectively royally messed it up," and has a list of specific reasons why software should be updated.

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Five Code Review Antipatterns

- Trisha Gee tl;dr: (1) Nit-picking (2) inconsistent feedback (3) last-minute design changes (4) ping-pong reviews (5) ghost reviewer.

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50 years of RFCs

- Darius Kazemi tl;dr: The author is reading and analyzing a RFC each day for 365 days. RFC stands for Request for Comments and is "intended to invite conversation rather than stand as a record of authoritative ideas". RFCs were traditionally typewritten with hand-drawn diagrams, and sent via the postal service. ✉️📮

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