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Consider Disabling Browser Push Notifications On Family And Friends Devices tl;dr: "A vector for phishing attacks and malware. Your non-technical family members and friends will likely fall for these at some point. For their sake, disable them. If you’re the go-to technology person in your family and friend group, this is a reminder to do this over the festive season."

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Automate Pull Request Labels Based On Changed Files With Actions tl;dr: "That’s a lot of functionality that can be built with labels. As an example, I’ll show how to add labels automatically depending on which area of a codebase has changed. This is what I use in every project I work on as it allows maintainers oversight and awareness of the impacts of changes. It does not depend on the language or types of files - it’s based on the git diff and paths."

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Eight Points For One Team Is Two Points For Another Team tl;dr: "In my ongoing quest to explore the problems that are endemic to modern software development, I decided to focus in particular on estimation and the disaster that is “story pointing.”" Lloyd discusses the antipatterns experienced when estimating, including failing to realize story points are an estimate, coercing developers into choosing a lower number, discounting high or low numbers, and more.

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