/Rohan Kumar

An Experiment To Test GitHub Copilot's Legality tl;dr: "This post is satirical commentary on: (1) The absurdity of Microsoft and OpenAI’s legal justification for GitHub Copilot. (2) The oversimplifications people use to argue against GitHub Copilot. (3) The relationship between capital and legal outcomes. (4) How civil cases seem like sporting events where people “win” or “lose”, rather than opportunities to improve our understanding of law."

featured in #331

A Look At Search Engines With Their Own Indexes tl;dr: "I decided to test and catalog all the different indexing search engines I could find. I prioritized breadth over depth, and encourage readers to try the engines out themselves if they’d like more information."

featured in #328

Best Practices For Inclusive CLIs tl;dr: "This began as a reply to another article that lists practices to improve user-experience of command-line interfaces... Unfortunately, a number of its suggestions are problematic, particularly from an accessibility perspective." Rohan elaborates on these and and discusses best practices for inclusive CLIs. 

featured in #325