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Best Practices For Inclusive CLIs

- Rohan Kumar tl;dr: "This began as a reply to another article that lists practices to improve user-experience of command-line interfaces... Unfortunately, a number of its suggestions are problematic, particularly from an accessibility perspective." Rohan elaborates on these and and discusses best practices for inclusive CLIs. 

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UX Patterns For CLI Tools

- Lucas Costa tl;dr: "Most technical people choose GUIs not because GUIs are the best tool for the job. People choose GUIs because the CLI alternatives usually suck. That’s my hunch. In this blog post, I’ll cover good UX patterns for CLI applications. Furthermore, when applicable, I’ll compare how these UX patterns help developers replicate the valuable characteristics of most good GUIs."

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A List Of New(ish) Command Line Tools

- Julia Evans tl;dr: "My favourites of these that I use already are entr, ripgrep, git-delta, httpie, plocate, and jq." Julia breaks this list into replacements for standard tools, new inventions, and less-new tools. 

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GitHub CLI 2.0 Includes Extensions!

- Billy Griffin tl;dr: "Creating extensions is simple. Each extension is just a repository prefixed with gh-, and you can easily define the extension. We even built tooling into GitHub CLI itself to allow you to get started more quickly with gh extension create, which creates a scaffolded repository for you with some pre-written Bash that will help you get started."

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6 Command Line Tools For Productive Programmers

- Adam Gordon Bell tl;dr: (1) Broot is a "better version" of tree (2) Funky “takes shell functions to the next level by making them easier to define, more flexible, and more interactive.” (3) FZF is a command-line fuzzy finder, and more.

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Command Line Interface Guidelines

- Aanand Prasad Ben Firshman Carl Tashian Eva Parish tl;dr: "An open-source guide to help you write better command-line programs, taking traditional UNIX principles and updating them for the modern day."

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- Jakub Roztocil tl;dr: "A user-friendly command-line HTTP client for the API era. It comes with JSON support, syntax highlighting, persistent sessions, wget-like downloads, plugins, and more."

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The Poetics Of CLI Command Names

- Carl Tashian tl;dr: Examples of naming anti-patterns (e.g. tool, kit, easy, util) and strong names (e.g. vim, curl), with reasons why. "None of it matters if your command doesn't actually do something useful."

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An Illustrated Guide to Some Useful Command Line Tools

- Wesley Moore tl;dr: There is a "strong preference for fast tools without a large runtime dependency", most of these are written in Go or Rust.

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