/Werner Vogels

The OS Classics tl;dr: Unix kernel design & networking related books, and a few others.

featured in #194

When Scaling Your Workload Is A Matter Of Saving Lives tl;dr: Werner received a call to scale the data model that governors were using to plan their response to COVID-19. He talks through how he did so with the Amazon team. 

featured in #180

Modern Applications At AWS tl;dr: Amazon adopted 5 principles to operate quicker iterative cycles - microservices, purpose-built databases, automated software release pipelines, a serverless operational model and automated, continuous security. Article discusses each one.

featured in #153

Proving Security At Scale With Automated Reasoning tl;dr: Fascinating run-through of how AWS thinks about security at scale, starting with the Shared Responsibility Model where AWS is responsible for security of the cloud and customers are responsible for security in the cloud.

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