Root Cause Of Failure, Root Cause Of Success

- Lorin Hochstein tl;dr: “Root cause of failure” doesn’t make sense in the context of complex systems failure, because a collection of control processes keep the system up and running. A system failure is a failure of this overall set of processes." Lorin draws an analogy to illustrate this and points to the fact that if there's no root cause of success, why should there be one for failure.

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AuthZ: Carta’s Highly Scalable Permissions System

- Aaron Tainter tl;dr: Aaron had to build a system that was scalable, fast & generic enough for any new products. Permission systems that are too simple lack the features to "support fine-grained access on single resources," and too complex the system might unravel a "whole policy of attribute-based permissions." Aaron runs through the creative approach taken.

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