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Interview Advice That Got Me Offers From Google, Microsoft, And Stripe tl;dr: Zain covers: (1) How to use recruiters to your advantage. (2) Going to real interviews for practice (3) Being open to learning during interviews (4) Keeping those skills sharp even when you’re not job hunting.

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Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Time Zones tl;dr: UTC offsets go from -12 to +12, every UTC offset corresponds to exactly one time zone, there are more countries in the world than time zones, and more.

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How I Learned To Turn Impostor Syndrome Into An Advantage - The Impostor's Advantage tl;dr: "That feeling of being an impostor is your subconscious telling you something: It’s saying you’re about to push yourself past your comfort zone and into the growth zone."

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What's It Like As A Senior Engineer? tl;dr: "There’s a huge mindset shift needed when you go from junior to senior. Writing code becomes a minor part of the job." Your focus becomes researching the problem, designing the solution and building consensus, each discussed here.

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Do More By Doing Less tl;dr: When Zain was contemplating his previous side projects, he realized "the dead projects had something surprising in common: I abandoned them about two weeks after starting." Motivation ran out. Now, he ensures future projects are scoped to be completed within 2 weeks.

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