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Exploring 120 Years Of Timezones

tl;dr: Since the rules for timezones are constantly in change, this post visualizes the increasing complexities of dealing with time related data.

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Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Time Zones

- Zain Rizvi tl;dr: UTC offsets go from -12 to +12, every UTC offset corresponds to exactly one time zone, there are more countries in the world than time zones, and more.

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Building A More Accurate Time Service At Facebook Scale

- Zoe Talamantes Oleg Obleukhov tl;dr: How FB improved accuracy from 10 milliseconds to 100 microseconds and verified these results in our timing laboratory.

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- Sébastien Eustace tl;dr: When facing complex use-cases, "datetime instances show limitations" and are not intuitive. Pendulum provides "a cleaner and more easy to use API."

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