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How To Review Code As A Junior Developer

- Emma Catlin tl;dr: (1) "If something is not clear to you, it probably isn’t clear to everyone," so ask questions. (2) Calibrate feedback - "work to cater recommendations to the individual." (3) Emulate others "by observing how your coworkers review code, you can learn what to pay attention to when you’re writing code.

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How To Make Your Code Reviewer Fall In Love With You

- Michael Lynch tl;dr: Many tips, including review your own code first, write a clear changelist description to provide context, conduct your review after your code passes all automated tests, and more.

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Code Review - From Good To Great

- Eduards Sizovs tl;dr: 8 recommendations on creating a better process including more face-to-face interactions with less code review tools when possible, and using review as a means to mentor.

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Five Code Review Antipatterns

- Trisha Gee tl;dr: (1) Nit-picking (2) inconsistent feedback (3) last-minute design changes (4) ping-pong reviews (5) ghost reviewer.

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Radical Candor: Software Edition

- Rina Artstain tl;dr: A management style of communication that's "kind and clear, specific and sincere" is applied to both design and code reviews here. You can bypass the paywall by clicking the link in this tweet.

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Long Names Are Long

- Bob Nystrom tl;dr: Code at Google is reviewed for readability, engineers tend to create name that are too long & verbose. A name has two goals - clarity and precision. The author provides examples and suggestions on how to shorten and improve naming.

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10 Tips For Reviewing Code You Don't Like

- David Lloyd tl;dr: Avoid hyperbolic or bombastic assertions, argument strategies, elitist or demeaning language, and constructs like “obviously” and “why don’t you just…”. Use clear, factual statements supportive language, ask questions, and move things forward.

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Code Reviews at Microsoft

- Michaela Greiler tl;dr: Approx 40% of engineers code review at least one a day at Microsoft. This outlines the process and tools used, which are applicable to orgs of all sizes.

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