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Data Loaders For The Win

- Allison Horst tl;dr: Slow data apps hinder data exploration by viewers and developers, leaving insights on the table. See how data loaders can help you speed up data apps by pushing bulky data access, wrangling and analysis “behind the scenes” on build instead of on page load.

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Hacking Our Way To Better Team Meetings

- Werner Vogels tl;dr: Werner’s team hacked an app to transcribe and summarize virtual team meetings gathering notes, granular details, and creating a list of to-dos. Werner shares the open sourced code, walking us through the high-level architecture, how it works, and a preview of how to use it.

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How AI Companies Like Copy.ai, Jasper, And AI21 Labs Are Using WorkOS For Enterprise-Grade Auth

tl;dr: Copy.ai is a leading AI tool for sales and marketing teams. Over the last few years, they had explosive growth and needed a new auth platform that could support SSO and SCIM provisioning (features requested by larger customers). With WorkOS, they were able to add SSO and Directory Sync in less than 2 weeks, immediately unblocking enterprise deals. They also successfully migrated hundreds of thousands of active users to WorkOS via AuthKit and User Management, which supports up to 1 million monthly active users for free.

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What Is Vite (And Why Is It So Popular)?

- Eric Simons tl;dr: In the web development world, it’s hard to go more than a few days without hearing about Vite. What is Vite (and why is it so popular)?

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3 Hours to 3 Minutes: How Mobile reCell Is Importing Customer Data 60x Faster

- Will Genesen tl;dr: Mobile reCell streamlined their customer data import process, reducing file cleaning time from 3 hours to 3 minutes. By leveraging the pre-built validation library and intuitive interface with smart suggestions, they quickly set up validations for key workflows. The engineering team fine-tuned the implementation to focus on critical data points while allowing flexibility for less critical customer data. 

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Why Passkeys Improve User Security & How To Implement Them

- Dan Moore tl;dr: When developing an API, safeguarding it is crucial. Consider the choice between employing a centralized API key verification system or opting for a decentralized approach. The centralized method necessitates ongoing communication among API key consumers, API-serving systems, and the central authority responsible for issuing API keys, all aimed at verifying the keys' validity.

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How To Add An Onboarding Flow For Your Application

- Roy Anger tl;dr: Explore Clerk's method to revolutionize app onboarding in Next.js, enabling tailored user experiences from the start. Learn about session tokens and middleware for a flexible framework that meets business and user needs, simplifying setup and enhancing engagement and retention, key for digital product success.

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How To Simplify User Management

tl;dr: Clerk is the easiest way to add authentication and user management to your app. Their quickstart guide streamlines integration with ready-to-use components, hooks, and helpers, ensuring a smooth authentication and user management experience that just works. Get Started with Clerk for Free.

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The Checklist Manifesto

- Murat Demirbas tl;dr: This book advocates for integrating checklists as potent safety and fault-tolerance tools across diverse domains. While the author, a prominent surgeon, enriches the narrative with numerous surgery cases, he also discusses their use in the construction and aviation industries. Checklists significantly reduce cognitive load, enabling complex tasks and effective team collaboration. Murat questions why we don’t use checklists more frequently in software development.

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Unlocking the Power of Your Permissions: Clerk's New Authorization Helpers

- Colin Sidoti tl;dr: Clerk Introduces Enhanced Authorization with has(), protect(), and <Protect> for tailored user permissions and security. Make Customizing Access a Breeze. Get Serious About Access Management!

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