Sharing SQLite Databases Across Containers Is Surprisingly Brilliant

- Rick Branson tl;dr: Backed into a corner, Rick came up with a creative solution of writing data to a local file read by dozens of containers using SQLite. Having seen success with this implementation, he believe there is room to innovate here. Bypass the paywall here by clicking the link in this tweet.

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How Containers Work: Overlayfs

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Julia explains how containers work with overlays, which let you mount a filesystem using 2 directories  - a lower, read only one & an upper, read and write one. 

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Announcing Dapr, An Open Source Project To Make It Easier For Every Developer To Build Microservice Applications

tl;dr: To enable all developers using any language and any framework to easily build portable microservices applications, whether writing new code or migrating existing code.

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