How to Lead An Engineering Team During A Period of Hypergrowth

- Chris Slowe tl;dr: AMA with CTO at Reddit. He discusses his high level approach to various functions of a CTO, such as hiring, company values, testing. He also discusses the importance of mentorship for anyone seeking a leadership role.

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How I Survived Insane Hypergrowth at Airbnb

- Jonathon Golden tl;dr: Director of Product provides the following takeaways (1) Don’t just identify a problem, start fixing it by enlisting others (2) Understand the (ever-broadening) context (3) Confront challenges head-on (4) Everything changes all the time, get over it (5) It’s all about the EQ.

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How To Size And Assess Teams From An Eng Lead At Stripe, Uber and Digg

- Will Larson tl;dr: Larson shares his system for gauging size and state of engineering teams - ratios and frameworks to structuring team size, combining and spinning up teams, and assessing and accelerating team progress.

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