The Problem With Using a UUID Primary Key In MySQL

- Brian Morrison tl;dr: “UUIDs especially useful in a distributed architecture, where you have a number of systems and databases responsible for creating records. You might think that using UUIDs as a primary key in a database is a great idea, but when used incorrectly, they can drastically hurt database performance. In this article, you'll learn about the downsides of using UUIDs as a primary key in your MySQL database.”

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How Not To Do Mysql Failover

- Ketan Singh tl;dr: "This is a story from few years ago when I accidentally messed up the MySQL failover, lost some critical data momentarily, and then managed to recover all the lost data. To begin with, some of you might ask what the heck is failover anyway? In MySQL a replicated cluster is a collective of database nodes where each of them may serve one role at a time."

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What Is The Sorting Algorithm Behind ORDER BY Query In MySQL?

- Pankaj Tanwar tl;dr: mySQL's sorting algorithm depends on available indexes, expected size of result & mySQL version, and has two methods to produce sorted / ordered streams of data - a smart use of indexes and the Fiilesort algorithm. Pankaj discusses both.

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