I Took A Job At Amazon, Only To Leave After 10 Months

- Ben Adam tl;dr: "When you operate at this type of scale, centralization is the enemy of efficiency. This is a paradox. Being efficient on a macro level requires being (very) inefficient at the micro level." Ben discusses the implications of this in - documentation is essential, teams are fragile and suffer from churn, everything is urgent and takes forever, everything is built in house. 

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Amazon's Bezos Says Three Good Decisions a Day 'Enough' (Video)

tl;dr: As a senior exec you get to make a few decisions a day so getting 8 hours of sleep and organizing "high IQ" meetings earlier both help to make good a few decisions.

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Bye, Amazon

- Tim Bray tl;dr: Tim resigned his role at Amazon in protest of the company's mistreatment of warehouse workers. He cites the critical role of power balances. Employees at AWS are not mistreated nor considered disposable the way warehouse workers are. 

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