Top Interview Questions For Frontend Developers (React)

- Abhishek Raj tl;dr: Abhishek covers the following: (1) How would you optimize a slow React website? (2) How would you design a loosely coupled React App? (3) When do you use Redux Thunk & Redux Saga? (4) How to apply two way data binding? (5) What are synthetic events.

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Freelance React Developer Checklist

- Robin Wieruch tl;dr: "Essentially this checklist makes your onboarding as a React freelance developer more seaming-less when entering a new project and team." Both sides need to talk through this checklist to get their requirements aligned.

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The Plan For React 18

tl;dr: "When it’s released, React 18 will include out-of-the-box improvements (like automatic batching), new APIs (like startTransition), and a new streaming server renderer with built-in support for React.lazy."

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Announcing Coinbase’s Successful Transition To React Native

- Harry Tormey tl;dr: "We want to share our deliberate and methodical process of testing and observing results, then upping the stakes with increasingly more impactful trials, as this approach was critical to the migration’s success." Harry discusses the transition from native development to React Native.

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21 Best Practices For A Clean React Project

- Mohammad Faisal tl;dr: A good and bad way to approach 21 best practices, such as JSX ShortHand, ternary operators, object literals and more.

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React v17.0

- Dan Abramov Rachel Nabors tl;dr: "The React 17 release is unusual because it doesn’t add any new developer-facing features. Instead, this release is primarily focused on making it easier to upgrade React itself."

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React Is Becoming A Black Box

- Jared Palmer tl;dr: "I am very concerned that forthcoming Concurrent Mode is going to make React even more difficult to reason about." Jared reached out to the ED of the React Group to share his concern.

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A Tale Of Webpage Speed, Or Throwing Away React

- Alexander Solovyov tl;dr: Despite championing React, Alexander started to feel that it led to "some questionable practices" e.g. "hovers in JS (rather than in CSS) among others. As a result, he developed TwinSpark, a framework for declarative HTML enhancement.

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The Rise Of React

- Chris Stokel-Walker tl;dr: "On the social, cultural, and technological impacts of the increasingly ubiquitous frontend framework."

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Second-guessing The Modern Web

- Tom MacWright tl;dr: The author is skeptical of the current industry trend of building single page React apps with server-side rendering. He discusses the reasons why in this post. 

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