React v17.0

- Dan Abramov Rachel Nabors tl;dr: "The React 17 release is unusual because it doesn’t add any new developer-facing features. Instead, this release is primarily focused on making it easier to upgrade React itself."

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React Is Becoming A Black Box

- Jared Palmer tl;dr: "I am very concerned that forthcoming Concurrent Mode is going to make React even more difficult to reason about." Jared reached out to the ED of the React Group to share his concern.

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A Tale Of Webpage Speed, Or Throwing Away React

- Alexander Solovyov tl;dr: Despite championing React, Alexander started to feel that it led to "some questionable practices" e.g. "hovers in JS (rather than in CSS) among others. As a result, he developed TwinSpark, a framework for declarative HTML enhancement.

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The Rise Of React

- Chris Stokel-Walker tl;dr: "On the social, cultural, and technological impacts of the increasingly ubiquitous frontend framework."

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Second-guessing The Modern Web

- Tom MacWright tl;dr: The author is skeptical of the current industry trend of building single page React apps with server-side rendering. He discusses the reasons why in this post. 

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React Native Is The Future Of Mobile At Shopify

- Farhan Thawar tl;dr: The team at Shopify delve into the reasons they are switching to React Native for mobile.

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5 React Projects You Need In Your Portfolio

- Reed Barger tl;dr: 5 projects that help you "bridge the gap between knowing the fundamentals of React and becoming a professional developer."

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Thinking in React Hooks

- Amelia Wattenberger tl;dr: Articles discusses the fundamental "mindset change when switching from React class components to function components + hooks."

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Announcing Ionic React

- Max Lynch tl;dr: Ionic is bringing "a fully-supported, enterprise-ready offering with services, advisory, tooling, and supported native functionality available to teams that need more than they can get through community-supported options."

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Profile A React App For Performance

- Kent Dodds tl;dr: Guide on "how to use the React DevTools and React's profiling build to properly profile a production app".

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