Google Maps Hacks

tl;dr: A Berlin based artist created a traffic jam on Google Maps by placing 99 phones into a handcart and slowly tugging them on the road.

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An Update On Bradfitz: Leaving Google

- Brad Fitzpatrick tl;dr: After 10 years working on Go, Brad is leaving Google. "I want to build something new again...I don't want to get stuck in a comfortable rut. (And Google certainly is comfortable, except for open floor plans.)"

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How Do CPUs Read Machine Code? (Video)

- Ben Eater tl;dr: 50mins video on how a 6502 microprocessor, which started the home computer revolution in the 80s, reads the code we write.

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What Our Quantum Computing Milestone Means

- Sundar Pichai tl;dr: First successful experiment where a quantum computer solves a problem a classical computer does in a significantly shorter period of time. As Moore's Law is predicted to hit a threshold, and AI presents increasingly challenging computations, this is significant.

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Three Years Of Misery Inside Google, The Happiest Company in Tech

- Nitasha Tiku tl;dr: Deep-dive into the internal culture clash at Google starting with internal pressure on executives to protest the 2016 immigration ban while fearing political backlash.

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Responsible AI: Putting Our Principles Into Action

- Jeff Dean tl;dr: An outline of what Google is doing to educate and train its employees on the ethics of AI, including research papers and internal tooling.

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Bringing Service Workers To Google Search

- Jeff Posnick tl;dr: Google Search Results, under certain circumstances, are served by a piece of technology called a service worker. This article runs through their implementation, how performance was measured and tradeoffs. Interesting insight into operations at Google.

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