A Primer On Engineering Delivery Metrics

- Juan Pablo Buriticá tl;dr: Why delivery metrics are important, which ones are valuable, how to use them, and more.

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Monitoring Demystified: A Guide For Logging, Tracing, Metrics

- Mitch Pronschinske tl;dr: "Current and relevant online resources to help guide you on logging, tracing, and metrics."

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The Saint-Exupéry Of Metrics

- Will Larson tl;dr: At Calm's monthly all-hands, Will was motivated to "boil each project down to a single well-formed metric that told the story: a target, a baseline, a trend and a timeframe."

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Developing the Largest Contentful Paint Metric

- Annie Sullivan tl;dr: A new performance metric has been established by the Chrome team measuring when the main contents of a page is displayed. This runs through the framework used to build this metric and the objective. 

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Performance Metrics For Blazingly Fast Web Apps

- Conrad Irwin tl;dr: Conrad discusses Superhuman's approach to performance metrics (1) Use event.timeStamp for start of events (2) end of events, use use performance.now() in a requestAnimationFrame() 3) ignore when the tab is not focused 4) aggregate data using “% of events that are under target” 5) visualize multiple thresholds. 📈 Click on the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall.

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