How To Spot When An Employee Is Secretly Struggling

- Caroline Rook Thomas Hellwig tl;dr: Check-in via Zoom polls using questions like "What is your energy level?" Some employees may still feel intimated, so go deep in 1-1s using the “Stress APGAR” framework.  

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How To Reduce "Attention Residue" In Your Life

- Madeleine Dore tl;dr: Get Your Life In Order (GYLIO) practices bundle tasks into a single morning, day or week to clear your mind.

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Burnout in Software Development Demystified

- Matthieu Cneude tl;dr: A guide to burnout - causes, symptoms, how to talk about it to your manager and strategies to counter it. "Strong social bounds are the best medicine against chronic stress."

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This is What Most People Get Wrong About Willpower

- Nir Eyal tl;dr: Willpower acts like an emotion and is not finite as many perceive. You don't run out of it but can have self defeating thoughts that work against it. 

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What Happens When Your Career Becomes Your Whole Identity

- Janna Koretz tl;dr: “Enmeshment” is where the boundaries between people become blurred, and individual identities lose importance. You can become enmeshed with your career too. This article discusses why this happens, the dangers and what you can do. 

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How To Stay Productive When You Are Understaffed

- Valentin Sawadski tl;dr: Broken into 4 steps (1) self-care (2) realistic planning (3) optimize efficiency (4) understanding your "10x" - what can you do to make everything permanently easier. 

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Devotion (Audio)

- Peter McManus Elizabeth Ann tl;dr: Podcast episode about Terry Davis, a computer scientist who developed an entire operating system - as instructed by god - called Temple OS, while suffering from schizophrenia. 

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Why Knowing How To Say “No” Is Important, And How To Do It

- Daragh Byrne tl;dr: We tend to overload ourselves with work often resulting in us feeling overwhelmed. There are natural reasons for us to do this - many of us are people pleasers - but it's important to build up the ability to say "no". Daragh gives examples as to how.

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Why Slow Mornings May Be The Secret To Tech-Life Balance

- Andrew Zaleski tl;dr: Increasing number of people who don't check their phone right in the morning. "There’s evidence that small changes to people’s relationship with technology can go a long way toward achieving better mental and physical health." Click on the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall.

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How To Manage Your Stress as a Developer: Practical Tips

- The Practical Dev tl;dr: Excellent tips on relieving stress - finding social support, being able to control elements in your life, reducing compulsive behaviors and finding supportive hobbies.

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