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Focus On High-Leverage Activities tl;dr: Leverage is impact produced divided by time invested. To increase your leverage, ask yourself the following before any activity: (1) What if this activity was simple? (decrease time cost). (2) What if this activity was huge? (increase value). (3) What else could I be doing? (opportunity cost).

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Software Engineering - The Soft Parts tl;dr: "Today I'll share some of the software engineering soft skills I've learned from my first 10 years on Google Chrome, where I am a Senior Staff Engineering Manager." Addy covers topics such as learning new things, technical complexity, design docs, & more. 

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Moving Towards A Faster Web tl;dr: The Chrome team are in development of "badging", a method of identifying sites that are built in "a way that makes them slow" by looking at historical load latencies. In the future, such information may be communicated to users. 

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The Cost of Javascript in 2019 tl;dr: Download & execution time are primary bottlenecks for loading scripts in 2019. "Aim for a small bundle of synchronous (inline) scripts for your above-the-fold content with one or more deferred scripts for the rest of the page."

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Speed At Scale - What's New In Web Performance? tl;dr: (1) Lighthouse supports Performance Budgeting (2) Native image and iframe lazy-loading comes to the web (3) Google Fonts now supports font-display as a query parameter.

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Native Image Lazy-loading For The Web! tl;dr: New loading attribute for images and iframes helps content load quicker, reduces network data usage and reduces memory usage. It should be shipped as part of Chrome 75.

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