/Scott Hanselman

The Code Worked Differently When The Moon Was Full tl;dr: Scott walks us through "an interesting and insidious bug," based on a time calculations. This type of bug "can often show themselves later when view through a longer lens and scope of time," and "can show up a lot later than expected."

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Easily Rename Your Git Default Branch From Master To Main tl;dr: "Master-slave is an oppressive metaphor, it's inaccurate and can deter someone new getting excited about learning the technology. Post outlines how to make the change.

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I Miss Microsoft Encarta tl;dr: An ode to MS Encarta, which arose at a time when computers could start dealing with larger amounts of data from CD-Roms. It's still used on disconnected devices in developing countries.

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Systems Thinking As Important As Ever For New Coders tl;dr: Junior developers are challenged to understand how systems work. They don't need to know it all, but a general understanding is important to the profession, and overlooked these days.

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A New Console For Windows - It's The Open Source Windows Terminal tl;dr: "The Windows Terminal is here, it's open source, it's real, and it's spectacular." The new Terminal is in its early phase but will be delivered via the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

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