PIPEFAIL: How A Missing Shell Option Slowed Cloudflare Down

- Alex Forster tl;dr: "Between 20:10 and 20:40 UTC on December 16, 2021, web requests served by Cloudflare were artificially delayed by up to five seconds before being processed. This post tells the story of how a missing shell option called “pipefail” slowed Cloudflare down."

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That Simple Script Is Still Someone's Bad Day

tl;dr: "This gets used as an opportunity to write one of those awful corporate outage bulletins which is more about hawking the company's wares than getting to the bottom of a problem. And, in it, the key is "we forgot pipefail".

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The Day Of A New Command-Line Interface: Shell

- Bjorn Stahl tl;dr: "This article continues the long-lost series on how to migrate away from terminal protocols as the main building block for command-line and text-dominant user interfaces." The value proposition and motivation is still that "such a critical part of computing should not be limited to device restrictions set in place some 50-70 years ago."

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