Looking Back On A Whirlwind Six Months Leading Microsoft Teams

- Jeff Teper tl;dr: Jeff took over as the product and engineering lead of MS Teams a week before the pandemic. He talks about what he's learnt - prioritize planning and alignment, break down silos, fostering collaboration, and more.

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Microsoft: Rust Is The Industry’s ‘Best Chance’ At Safe Systems Programming

- Joab Jackson tl;dr: "Microsoft is gradually switching to Rust to build its infrastructure software, away from C/C++."

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The #1 Bug Predictor Is Not Technical, It's Organizational Complexity

- August Lilleaas tl;dr: Microsoft Research conducted a post-mortem into why Vista failed. Organizational complexity - the distance between decision maker and developer - was the most accurate predictor of bugs. 

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Microsoft Announces Azure Quantum, A Cloud Quantum Computing Service

- Khari Johnson tl;dr: "In short, the kit has everything a developer needs to build their own quantum computing programs and experiments. You can use it to learn basic quantum concepts, code your first quantum application, and deliver real-world solutions."

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Speaking Truth To Power: Reflections On My Career At Microsoft

- James Whitaker tl;dr: Cultural shadows of past CEOs remain, so does the flawed management they hired. Microsoft's rejuvenation under the current CEO has come in departments where such managers have been cast aside for less well known, culturally diverse talent. These changes are not prevalent enough though. Click the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall.

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I Miss Microsoft Encarta

- Scott Hanselman tl;dr: An ode to MS Encarta, which arose at a time when computers could start dealing with larger amounts of data from CD-Roms. It's still used on disconnected devices in developing countries.

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Code Reviews at Microsoft

- Michaela Greiler tl;dr: Approx 40% of engineers code review at least one a day at Microsoft. This outlines the process and tools used, which are applicable to orgs of all sizes.

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A New Console For Windows - It's The Open Source Windows Terminal

- Scott Hanselman tl;dr: "The Windows Terminal is here, it's open source, it's real, and it's spectacular." The new Terminal is in its early phase but will be delivered via the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

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