Exploring The Internals Of Linux v0.01

- Seiya Nuta tl;dr: The post explores Linux kernel v0.01, highlighting its simplicity with only 10,239 lines of code. It was deeply hardcoded for Intel 386 architecture and supported basic system calls and the MINIX file system. The author emphasizes the kernel's minimalistic but well-written nature, reflecting foundational concepts that have evolved in modern Linux. The post serves as a historical insight into the early days of Linux.

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I Booted Linux 292,612 Times

- Richard Jones tl;dr: Richard discovered a bug in Linux where it occasionally hangs on boot. He ran guestfish in a loop, performing 10,000 boots and using a test harness with up to 8 threads. After an extensive bisection process between versions 6.0 and 6.4-rc6, he found that a regression in the printk time feature was responsible.

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How Fast Are Linux Pipes Anyway?

- Francesco Mazzoli tl;dr: "We'll explore how Unix pipes are implemented in Linux by iteratively optimizing a test program that writes and reads data through a pipe. We will begin with a simple program with a throughput of around 3.5GiB/s, and improve its performance twentyfold. The improvements will be informed by profiling the program using Linux’s perf tooling."

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My 2022 High-end Linux PC

- Michael Stapelberg tl;dr: "I finally managed to get my hands on some DDR5 RAM to complete my Intel i9-12900 high-end PC build! This article contains the exact component list if you’re interested in doing a similar build."

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Rust Takes A Major Step Forward As Linux's Second Official Language

- Steven Vaughan-Nichols tl;dr: "Today, not only is Rust, the high-level system language moving closer to Linux, it's closer than ever with the next "patch series to add support for Rust as a second language to the Linux kernel."

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Python: Please Stop Screwing Over Linux Distros

- Drew DeVault tl;dr: "Everyone is frustrated with Python packaging. I call on the PSF to sit down for some serious, sober engineering work to fix this problem." Drew believes that Python packaging neglects the needs of Linux distros.

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Linux Kernel In-tree Rust Support

- Nick Desaulniers tl;dr: Email thread on incorporating Rust into the Linux Kernel.

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