1980: Steve Jobs On Hardware Software Convergence

- Steve Cheney tl;dr: "More and more, software is getting integrated into the hardware… Yesterday’s software is today’s hardware. Those two things are merging. And the line between hardware and software is going to get finer and finer and finer."

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A/B Tests For Lyft Hardware

- Garrett Drayna tl;dr: "We will illustrate a couple of A/B tests which we have done to safely and confidently improve the user experience, lower costs, and provide the best possible service for the cities in which we operate."

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Dissecting The Apple M1 GPU, Part I

- Alyssa Rosenzweig tl;dr: "A few weeks ago, I purchased a Mac Mini with an M1 GPU as a development target to study the instruction set and command stream, to understand the GPU’s architecture at a level not previously publicly understood."

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