The Overengineered Solution To My Pigeon Problem

- Max Nagy tl;dr: "The brains of the operation is a python script using openCV. It compares the current image to the normal background. If the average amount of change of all pixels is above some threshold, we fire the gun."

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Bob Cassette Rewinder: Hacking Detergent DRM for 98% Cost Saving

tl;dr: "Bob is a sleek and compact countertop dishwasher requiring no plumbing and minimal space." One of the features is the Bob Cassette, "an all-in-one detergent cartridge... no need to manually measure and add detergent to each wash." It's very convenient and outrageously priced. The author explains how they engineered these cassettes to preserve convenience at a fraction of the cost.

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On Rebooting: The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of Turning Computers Off And On Again

- Keunwoo Lee tl;dr: "I offer the following argument that restarting from the initial state is a deeply principled technique for repairing a stateful system — whether that system is a program, or an entire computer, or a collection of computers."

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Algorithms For Modern Hardware

- Sergey Slotin tl;dr: "This is an upcoming high performance computing book. Its intended audience is everyone from performance engineers and practical algorithm researchers to undergraduate computer science students who have just finished an advanced algorithms course and want to learn more practical ways to speed up a program."

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My 2022 High-end Linux PC

- Michael Stapelberg tl;dr: "I finally managed to get my hands on some DDR5 RAM to complete my Intel i9-12900 high-end PC build! This article contains the exact component list if you’re interested in doing a similar build."

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How To Make A CPU - A Simple Picture Based Explanation

- Robert Elder tl;dr: "The purpose of this article is to explain how to make a CPU out of rocks and sand as fast as possible without using too many words. As the world of proprietary hardware and software crushes in around us, we risk losing the ability to make things for ourselves as individuals."

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Always-on Processor Magic: How Find My works While iPhone Is Powered Off

tl;dr: A look into Apple's Always-on Processor (AOP). "The AOP has a special role. It connects to almost every other chip in the iPhone. For some chips, it only does basic tasks like power management, and for other chips, it acts as a transparent proxy that wakes up iOS when needed."

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1980: Steve Jobs On Hardware Software Convergence

- Steve Cheney tl;dr: "More and more, software is getting integrated into the hardware… Yesterday’s software is today’s hardware. Those two things are merging. And the line between hardware and software is going to get finer and finer and finer."

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A/B Tests For Lyft Hardware

- Garrett Drayna tl;dr: "We will illustrate a couple of A/B tests which we have done to safely and confidently improve the user experience, lower costs, and provide the best possible service for the cities in which we operate."

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Dissecting The Apple M1 GPU, Part I

- Alyssa Rosenzweig tl;dr: "A few weeks ago, I purchased a Mac Mini with an M1 GPU as a development target to study the instruction set and command stream, to understand the GPU’s architecture at a level not previously publicly understood."

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