/Itamar Turner-Trauring

From YAGNI To YDNIY tl;dr: The goal of YAGNI - You You Ain’t Gonna Need It principle - and YDNIY - You Don’t Need It Yet - is to get something useful into users’ hands as quickly as possible.

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“Let’s Use Kubernetes!” Now You Have 8 problems tl;dr: A look into the many complexities of Kubernetes. While "in some situations Kubernetes is a really great idea. In others it’s a timesink with no benefit."

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Setting Boundaries At Your Job As A Programmer tl;dr: Some thoughts on how to set boundaries - don't ask for prep work before starting a new job, don't setup work email or slack on your phone or personal computer. Don't take your laptop on vacation.

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Accessibility Insights for Web tl;dr: Google Chrome extension for "assessing the accessibility of web sites and web applications." You can see errors in place and visualize tab-stops.

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