Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Playbook

tl;dr: "This DEI playbook has been created to help People Ops Leaders at companies around the world take action and create a more comprehensive DEI program."

featured in #216

Hands-Free Coding

- Josh W Comeau tl;dr: Josh lost his ability to use a mouse and keyboard and taught himself how to code using voice commands and eye tracking, using Talon and tobii 5. He demonstrates how he creates code.

featured in #212

Linus Torvalds Banishes Masters, Slaves And Blacklists From The Linux Kernel, Starting Now

- Simon Sharwood tl;dr: "In their place coders will be expected to use alternatives such as “primary” and “secondary” relationships, or refer to “leaders” and “followers”, or even “directors” and “performers”."

featured in #192