Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Playbook

tl;dr: "This DEI playbook has been created to help People Ops Leaders at companies around the world take action and create a more comprehensive DEI program."

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From McDonald’s to Google: How Kelsey Hightower Became One Of The Most Respected People In Cloud Computing

- Tom Krazit tl;dr: "Kelsey Hightower defied the enterprise tech sector's notorious diversity problems to become one of the industry's leading figures. Now he wants everyone's voice to be heard."

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60 Engineering Leaders To Watch: The Next FORTUNE 500 CTOs

tl;dr: "These powerful women leading technology and innovation at their companies are ones to watch. Many earned advanced degrees in engineering and robotics, serve on boards and give back."

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A Data-centric Approach To Understanding Underrepresentation And Its Impact

- Tutti Quintella tl;dr: As well as highlighting the systemic issues with a lack of diversity in tech, Tutti cites four areas that need to be invested in to promote diversity - attract, develop, retain and promote - and actionable items for each.

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What Does Sponsorship Look Like?

- Lara Hogan tl;dr: A 2017 post - "studies have shown that women (and nonbinary folks) are over-mentored, but under-sponsored." Sponsoring is about "fighting to get somebody a promotion, mentioning their name in an appointments meeting, etc..." Lara outlines examples of what sponsorship looks like, in practice.

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Stuff I've Learned About Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Over The Past Few Years

- Will Larson tl;dr: Current best practices around D&I aren't necessarily impactful. Will believes the following result in genuine progress (1) Don’t tokenize others (2) Don’t center yourself (3) Don’t be comfortable, and focus on what actually works.

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Diversity, Inclusion, And Belonging For All

tl;dr: LinkedIn's open course to "learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working in diverse organizations."

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Let's Change The Ratio

tl;dr: A list of people looking for tech roles from minority groups - Women, LGBTQIA+, Latinx, Native American, Black, Disabled, Non-binary.

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The Computer Pioneer Who Built Modern China

- Leila McNeill tl;dr: Considered to be the “Mother of Chinese Computing, not only did Xia Peisu build the first home grown computer, she pioneered the countries CS education systems.

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Software Development 450 Words Per Minute

- Tuukka Ojala tl;dr: This article demonstrates how Tuukka, a blind developer, writes code. He spends most of his time in the terminal, prefers Windows 10 as it's more accessible and has a screen reader that reads at 3x the speed that normal English is spoken. 

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