Making GAINS In Reddit Engineering

- Samantha Carow tl;dr: Samantha experienced the "Matthew Effect" - once recognized for your work, all of future work is more likely to be recognized. She created GAINS to "empower junior and mid-level ICs" to experience the same effect, outlined here.

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Developers Mentoring Other Developers: Practices I've Seen Work Well

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: Comprehensive guide to mentorship practices that work well, based on the author's experience working at Uber.

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The Programmer Who Created Python Isn’t Interested In Mentoring White Guys

- Dan Kopf tl;dr: Open-source communities need to become more inclusive by establishing codes of conduct and mentoring. The problem is that some may not feel comfortable or confident enough in defending their own ideas to those they don't know, so their ideas are not equally represented.

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Stressed at Work? Mentoring a Colleague Could Help

- Michael Gill Thomas Roulet tl;dr: Experiment revealed that mentoring juniors benefit both the mentees as well as mentors themselves who experience lower levels of anxiety, and describe their job as more meaningful.

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Great Developers Are Raised, Not Hired

- Eduards Sizovs tl;dr: Top-level engineers are hard to find. Author asks us to consider a shift from hiring to mentoring, where we mentor engineers with potential and a "growth mindset." This has proven to be effective for him and he runs through how to go about it.

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- Jen Myers tl;dr: Author is offering a virtual mentoring session for beginning tech speakers from underrepresented minorities: people of color, white women, and those who identify as LGBTQA and/or non-binary.

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