The Power Of Optional Chaining In Swift

- Khawer Khaliq tl;dr: Optional chaining is used to manipulate an optional in a few ways, including "setting and retrieving the value of a property of the wrapped instance, setting and retrieving a value from a subscript on the wrapped instance, and calling a method on the wrapped instance." Khawer dives into how it works.

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The State Of SwiftUI

- Peter Steinberger tl;dr: Apple released SwiftUI last year and, "if your target platform is iOS 14, you’re now good to go with hobby projects or individual screens in SwiftUI." However, Peter wouldn't use it for production apps, citing several reasons in this post.

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Building The NPR MacOS App, Part 1

- Connor Montgomery tl;dr: 2-part series where Connor guides us on how to build a menubar macOS app that streams NPR stations.

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Swift 5 Released

- Ted Kremenek tl;dr: Swift runtime is now included in current and future versions of macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Also introduces reimplementation of String, enforcement of exclusive access to memory during runtime, new data types, and support for dynamically callable types.

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