Mental Health Impacts Of A Big Tech Job

- Jake Preston tl;dr: "I got to a point where I needed to leave and focus on myself." Jacob talks about the toxic work culture during his time at Apple and recounts a story where work was valued over employee's mental health. Much of this was exacerbated due to the fact that he could never switch off from work while at home.

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An Open Letter Against Apple's Privacy-Invasive Content Scanning Technology

tl;dr: "While child exploitation is a serious problem, and while efforts to combat it are almost unquestionably well-intentioned, Apple's proposal introduces a backdoor that threatens to undermine fundamental privacy protections for all users of Apple products."

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Dissecting The Apple M1 GPU, Part I

- Alyssa Rosenzweig tl;dr: "A few weeks ago, I purchased a Mac Mini with an M1 GPU as a development target to study the instruction set and command stream, to understand the GPU’s architecture at a level not previously publicly understood."

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The End Of OS X

- Ben Thompson tl;dr: The next version of macOS is 11.0, which "feels more like a son of iOS" than a sibling to it's predecessor. Ben hypes that this could be a shift to leverage iPhone customers to the Mac Apple store.

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Building The NPR MacOS App, Part 1

- Connor Montgomery tl;dr: 2-part series where Connor guides us on how to build a menubar macOS app that streams NPR stations.

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