A More Human Approach To Productivity (Video)

- Chris Bailey tl;dr: (1) Plan 3 tasks to finish each day. (2) Do one thing at a time to work deliberately on one thing. (3) Get the most out of your energy - eating well, exercise, sleep. (4) Stay offline to avoid procrastination. (5) Daydream: let the mind wander to connect the dots in your mind.

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WebAssembly Summit 2020

tl;dr: Several talks from the recent Web Assembly Summit.

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Superhuman's Founder on How to Move Beyond Gamification

- Rahul Vohra tl;dr: Rahul explains how he's applied game design to enterprise software.

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How Stripe Invests In Technical Infrastructure (Video)

- Will Larson tl;dr: Prioritization is especially challenging for infrastructure engineers. Will presents his approach as Stripe scaled, discussing when to firefight, work on new features and more.

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The Mind Behind Linux (2016 Video)

tl;dr: Fascinating conversation about the inception of Linux and Git, and the man behind them. The initial community involved in Linux was critical. Git was a result of managing Linux's growth. Both projects were to solve Linus' immediate needs. 

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How Do CPUs Read Machine Code? (Video)

- Ben Eater tl;dr: 50mins video on how a 6502 microprocessor, which started the home computer revolution in the 80s, reads the code we write.

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Josh Waitzkin On How to Structure Your Day for Peak Performance (Video)

- Josh Waitzkin tl;dr: (1) structure your day to be pro-active, not reactive, by blocking out thinking time on your calendar (2) end your day asking the most important question and waking up the next day and answering that question first thing.

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You Really Don't Need All That JavaScript, I Promise

- Stuart Langridge tl;dr: "At some point everything changed: the tail started to wag the dog instead and development became JS-first." You shouldn't rely on JS as much, plus practical strategies for building without a JS framework.

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Interview with John Carmack (Video)

- John Carmack tl;dr: Joe Rogan interviews the fascinating John Carmack, discussing game development, augmented reality and much more.

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No Moore Left to Give: Enterprise Computing After Moore's Law (Video)

- Bryan Cantrill tl;dr: Moore's Law has driven massive growth but is becoming economically unviable. Bryan runs through his take on the future of computing, and the avenues that could take over.

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