Building Companies In Times Of Change

- Reid Hoffman tl;dr: LinkedIn founder discusses notable trends during this period - a move towards distributed founding teams, rise of telehealth, and more.

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Good Businesses Have Margins

- Justin Jackson tl;dr: Justin advises entrepreneurs to optimize for margin - both business margins such as profit and personal margins, by creating boundaries for yourself. 

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The Lesson To Unlearn

- Paul Graham tl;dr: "Schools train us to win by hacking bad tests" so we can get good grades, but not learn. Good grades reward us in obvious ways. This mindset filters into the startup world, founders want to hack the system. This is correcting itself and that makes Paul optimistic.

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What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

- Dan Cederholm tl;dr: 20 lessons learned by the founder of Dan, who stepped down from his role a co-founder, especially if you are building a bootstrapped business, which Dribble is. Alas, there may be a paywall. Alas, I found you a path.

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How to Lead An Engineering Team During A Period of Hypergrowth

- Chris Slowe tl;dr: AMA with CTO at Reddit. He discusses his high level approach to various functions of a CTO, such as hiring, company values, testing. He also discusses the importance of mentorship for anyone seeking a leadership role.

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Working For A Startup Makes Increasingly Less Sense

- Jatin Shridhar tl;dr: The author compares his reality of working at a startup against expectations, which were having a fast career growth, making money from equity and learning more. He outlines why certain startups may be more attractive for engineers and outlines the understated pros of working at larger companies.

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